I am fascinated by the concept of ‘stories’ and the idea that each of us is a character in our own story. I am a firm believer that each of our individual stories matter. The concept of recording my own story is nothing new to me, I have been doing it since I was six years old. In fact, one of the most comforting feelings is sitting with pen in hand as words are scrawled across the page – my thoughts made tangible.

I am just an ordinary person – no-one particularly special.  I’m not an expert in anything. I am not rich or famous. I am not a qualified anything. I am plain and simply just another inhabitant of this planet. One in billions. My name is Simone Morton. I am a wife. I am a mother to four amazing kids. I am a Mormon. I am a daughter, sister and a friend. I am me.

And if I am ordinary; my life is certainly the same. It’s not very exciting and is in no way perfect. It is boring most days. It is monotonous – some days frustratingly, depressingly so. It is sometimes lonely. It’s average and normal and so very ‘same old, same old’. But it is also full of beauty and love and laughter. It is full of struggles and celebrations. It’s full of frustrations and disappointments. There are hard things and soft things. There are moments of joy and sadness in equal measure. Sometimes I am angry and impatient. Some days I yell, some days I sit in silence. There are times when I can listen and empathise and there are days when I can’t see past my own desires and feelings. There are moments of regret, moments of misuse.  There are days of adventure and hours of happiness. Every now and then there are surprises – both good and bad, big and small. It’s a life of opposites, but in such minute degrees that unless I am paying attention it can all seem like nothing much at all. And yet it is all there – every bit plays a role, all of it is worth noticing and recognising. They are all the moving parts that make up my life, that shape who I am and that add details in the writing and living of my story.

If I was to sit down with you and we were to get to know one another better, I am certain we would discover that we have some things in common and many things not so much. My experiences are my own. My opinions are my own. My beliefs are my own. My words and my stories are my own. Some might be similar or in-line with yours. Some will inevitably be very different too. There is beauty in both the similarities and differences – both are worth celebrating. They are at the foundation of what it means to be human and how we learn to make connections with each other. They are the basis of how and why we form relationships with people and what those relationships look like.

I believe that words have power. Writing this blog is my way of owning my story, a way of acknowledging my imperfections, a place to express gratitude for my many blessings and most of all to remind myself that ordinary doesn’t equal unimportant or unworthy. It is a place to share my talents, my thoughts and my words as I try my best to be the kind of person I want to be. The greater part of the world’s population are not rich or famous or experts. Most people live very ordinary, very normal and very beautiful lives.  Hopefully by sharing all the scrappy matters of my ordinary everyday life I can help whoever else might be reading this to remember that for themselves too.

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